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What is Shell Protocol?

Shell Protocol is a smarter home for DeFi. The long-awaited Shell v2 lets you build capital-efficient AMMs that can evolve over time, design transactions with seamless atomic composability, and offer up to 4x cheaper gas costs for your users. It’s a new ecosystem of financial primitives (like AMMs, lending pools, algorithmic stablecoins, or NFT markets) forming the next wave of leading DeFi projects.

Building with Shell v2 doesn’t just mean better smart contract architecture. It also unlocks the power of the Shell network effect, granting your project instant interoperability with every other Shell-native primitive — past, present, and future.

Everything you can do on the EVM is simpler, faster, and more capital-efficient with Shell v2. How is that possible? Let’s dive in.

Shell v2: Proteus and the Ocean

Shell v2 is built on two innovations: Proteus, an AMM engine, and the Ocean, a shared multi-token ledger for composing DeFi primitives.

Proteus is a tool that can precisely implement any trading strategy, allowing concentrated liquidity with fungible LP tokens, as well as bonding curves that can evolve over time. As an AMM engine, it allows financial engineers to design custom AMMs without ever writing a line of Solidity code.

The Ocean is a simpler and more efficient home for composing DeFi operations. It is three things in one: a shared multi-token ledger, a standardized accounting framework for DeFi primitives, and a smarter system for composing primitives.

Shell Protocol is open-source, with public reference implementations of both Proteus and the Ocean available on GitHub.

Why Build on Shell v2?

Building on Shell v2 means you can create precise AMMs and compose complex atomic transactions without writing a single line of Solidity code. It means your financial primitives will require no accounting logic, making them simpler and easier to understand. It means your users will pay up to 4x less gas and gain access to more capital-efficient liquidity pools with fungible LP tokens.

There is no downside to being an early primitive on Shell v2. Even at its highest, gas costs for Shell primitives are no higher than those of existing DeFi protocols. But as the ecosystem grows, there will be more and more opportunities to compose primitives on the Ocean — enabling complex, low-gas transactions — and drawing in increasingly more users, builders, and assets.

The Shell Protocol team is dedicated to paradigm-shifting, all open-source products. So have fun with the code, and please fill out our Alpha Fleet application if you want to deploy on Shell!

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